Maayan Halev: A Unique Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Eating disorders are pervasive in the Orthodox Jewish Community. Many young women are suffering and unable to find help. Families are left stranded, isolated and alone. They cannot find the proper treatment program in the United States that will facilitate lasting recovery as well as address the specific cultural and religious needs of the Orthodox Jewish woman.

Maayan Halev is a residential eating disorder treatment program located in Tzfat, Israel designed specifically for English speaking religious women. Maayan Halev fuses together the highest quality clinical care available in the treatment of eating disorders with the unique benefits of a Torah atmosphere. Healthy recovery is facilitated by the cultural, halachic and spiritual perspectives that are uniquely an important part of this treatment program.

Immersion in the best clinical care and in a Torah true environment leads to lasting recovery.

Embedding a wide range of clinical interventions into a spiritual experience which includes regular Torah learning allows an Orthodox woman to constructively integrate her religious value system into her total recovery. She will live together with other women in a Bayit, in an exclusive private residence in Tzfat, with all the amenities that are required to restore healthy eating and a positive body image in a Torah filled home.

The holy atmosphere of both this Bayit and of the city of Tzfat, in combination with a dedicated team of medical and clinical staff makes Maayan Halev a unique program unavailable anywhere else in the world.

About Dr. Bellin

The founder of Maayan Halev, Dr. Evan Bellin has been treating eating disorders for nearly 40 years. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and Associate Psychiatrist at Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut. He graduated from the UCLA School of Medicine after completing his undergraduate work at Dartmouth College. He is a graduate of the Family Studies Center at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center and the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. Under Dr. Salvatore Minuchin, Dr. Bellin began his career in treating eating disorders and he has been especially interested in working with the families of the eating disordered in locating and optimizing family values, strength and power in the curing of this illness.